saying vs seeing

11/19 2:30 am, Tribeca.


This last Saturday was a break from routine. After a brisk walk up Greenwich a few blocks to Varick where the Downtown location for Empire State College sits, I spent the day with a group of strangers (not for long) playing games, sharing stories, singing songs. It sort of felt like camp but it was my applied theater residency, one of the classes I am signed up for this semester- and the only one I am not behind on! Afterwards I dashed over to Bleeker to see my friend's band, Then Omaha, play at The Bitter End for a few songs before seeing another friend's performance piece on Christopher street, dinner in China town, lots of chatting and planning a new project then insomnia! So the title of this photograph should read "Insomnia, Tribeca."

The other classes? Advanced Drawing and Photo Blogging. Piece of cake right? Well... My hopes had been to roll all of my interests together, as I am convinced that they are inter-related and the secret to happiness lies in... hmmm, in claiming with aplomb my creative voice and expressing it in these different mediums; art, photography, theater, film. 

The hardest part in all of this is writing about images, photographs, art. It's a whole thing, this artspeak, it's so different than where I come from. I feel like we make images to say the very things that we can not put into words.